Our medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions offer you the opportunity to stay ahead of the latest trends in highly dynamic markets. Solutions are constantly evolving, and prototypes and proof of concepts are essential in keeping up with the latest trends.
Bringing on Falco Automation as a partner early in the development process can greatly improve the speed to market for volume manufacturing in this segment. Our collaborative approach allows you to focus on your business while we create innovative process designs that enhance and elevate results through automation and process technology.
  • Complex vision systems
    High Speed Verification of Dimension & Weight
    High Speed Label Application
    Design for Manufacturing & Design for Assembly (DFM/DFA)
    Engineering Analysis (FMEA, FEA, Structural DOE)
    Material Handling (fabric, thin-film, paper, metal, plastic)
    Automated Labeling & Verification
    Joining (ultrasonic, adhesive, thermal)
    Parts Inspection & Sorting (vision, gauging, weighing)
    Parts Handling (pick & place, robotic)
    Parts Feeding (continuous, conveyor, vibratory, pneumatic)
    Integrated CO2 Laser Systems (cutting, engraving, marking)